Kribian shrimp

Plat crevette kribienne

Kribian shrimp

|| Number of people: 1 to 2; Preparation: 25 min; Cooking: 15 min


  • Onions, Garlic, Jansang
  • Tomato puree
  • Broth Cube
  • Salt pepper


step 1

Peel the raw shrimp

Step 2

Crush a little onion, a little garlic.

Step 3 

Mix the shrimp with the onion and the crushed garlic, add a little pepper, a little broth cube and salt.

Step 4

Cook the mixture in a little MAYOR OIL

Step 5

Add the crushed jansang, tomato puree and a little water.

Step 6

Let cook .

Serve with chili sauce and potatoes chips.

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