Kokotcha fish

poisson kokotcha

Kokotcha fish

|| Difficulty: fairly easy. Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour 15. Price: reasonable, for six (6) people


  • 6 portions of fresh fish
  • 6 yellow eggplants
  • 2 plantains
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 small smoked fish
  • ½ glass of palm oil
  • fresh chili
  • salt


  1. Peel the tomatoes; cut them and get rid of their seeds. Also peel the bananas and the eggplants. Cut the bananas into slices, the eggplants into pieces.

In a small liter of salted water, heat the bananas, tomatoes, eggplant and smoked fish.

  1. Add two to three tablespoons of oil. you can cover the pan while you let the preparation cook for 45 minutes. With the skimmer, remove the bananas on the one hand, the tomatoes and eggplant on the other.
    then put the fresh fish in the pan.
  2. Cook until the fish is both cooked and tight. Meanwhile, mash the eggplant and tomatoes in the mortar. You put them back in the sauce at the end of cooking. Also mash the bananas and prepare a foufou.
  3. Keep the sauce warm.
    When the foufou is ready, give it a ball shape and smooth its walls well. With the wooden spoon, dig a well to the bottom of the ball. Fill it with palm oil. Serve the foufou with the kokotcha sauce.

Notes :

Before serving, rather grill fresh chili peppers. Pound it and sprinkle it on top of the foufou.
It will be even better since palm oil already perfumes it.

Perhaps you will be intrigued by this name of sauce if we do not tell you that this designation in Ebrié language, comes from two words: koko is the name of the banana, tcha means to crush.

Here you have the key to this recipe, which varies endlessly depending on the region, but is characterized by the banana cooked in the sauce, then crushed and prepared as a foufou.

Depending on local resources and your finances, you may like to prepare it with smoked or fresh fish, smoked meat or shellfish.

Some housewives prepare it with crabs, for example, which they clean and cut in half before cooking.

So welcome this recipe from the Ivory Coast.

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